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Our enterprise fax solutions are available as on-premises deployments, partly-cloudy hybrid with etherFAX, or purely cloud-based fax server services.

A Track Record of Industry-Leading Service & Support

Faxcore is used by Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies around the world.  Our unique fax services enable enterprise-wide, secure faxing in a way that meets your internal and external communications offerings.  

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What Kind of Fax Support Is Right for Your Business?

Cloud Based

A true Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based fax service.  Nothing to install on premise, except an optional client printer driver. Architecture is secure enough to satisfy most regulatory requirements.

Partly Cloudy

This hybrid deployment offers the best of both worlds, offering internal, on-premise needs while eliminating the need for costly Telco circuits and FoIP Drivers.

On-Premise using your VMs and Telco

A traditional deployment with FaxCore running in your VMs and using your on-site infrastructure, including the PBX with Fax over IP (FoIP) drivers.

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All Faxcore Deployments Benefit From:

Fast Streamlined Deployment
Security to Align with HIPAA & PCI Compliance Needs
Cost Efficient Plans Including Monthly Options
Unlimited User Accounts
Support from Qualified Experts

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