Our Partners

FaxCore eV6 fax server is the top certified fax solution that can be added to a traditional on-premise fax server or cloud-based fax service. FaxCore’s  partnership with Konica Minolta is an evolution for fax servers and certified fax services by eliminating fax kits, phone lines, and complexity. Combined with etherFax, this solution reduces costs like removing fax boards and Telco circuits. 

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FaxCore, the first fax server to partner with EtherFAX to provide the most advanced hybrid architecture backed by EtherFAX’s industry leading expertise. This enables an infrastructure-as-a-service model.  This architecture creates a scalable and reliable alternative to phone lines and fax modems. Click here to learn more about etherFAX.

FaxCore’s certified integration with Mitel enables you to use SIP Trunks and our Fax over IP (FoIP) drivers to send and receive faxes from desktop PCs, thru the PBX.  The FaxCore software and FoIP drivers are designed to run in a VM with Windows server 2019 or 2022. 

FaxCore recommends the XCAPI FoIP drivers from TE-Systems.  These fax over IP (FoIP) drivers come with the highest call success rates at an affordable price. 

FaxCore leverages the Sharp OSA API to add faxing to the MFP, without fax kits and phone lines.  This works with FaxCore on-prem or with FaxCore in the cloud. 

FaxCore integrates with Xerox multifunction machines, eliminating the need for costly phone lines and supporting automatic recording and archiving of every outbound fax. Read more…

FaxCore is the first fax server to build a fax server option for FujiFilm MFPs.  FaxCore is the recommended fax server for fax enabling the FujiFilm line of MFPs. 

FaxCore and Microsoft set the bar with the initial concept for a fax server built on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, and our partnership continues to represent the gold standard in the industry. FaxCore’s offerings are designed to specifically integrate and leverage the best features of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Read more…