PCI and HIPAA compliant fax server for the cloud or on-site

Sending a fax results in a voice phone call that goes over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and is therefore a secure point-to-point transmission. That makes fax the de facto standard for exchanging documents containing PHI in the healthcare industry. And a fax provides immediate delivery and confirmation of the delivery. Using a HIPAA compliant fax server instead of fax machines adds innovative capabilities that hospitals, doctors’ offices and other practitioner staff need, while ensuring that sensitive health care information is properly safeguarded, archived and remains accessible. FaxCore has been providing smart and reliable solutions including on-premise, hybrid and hosted fax servers to the healthcare industry since 2002. Our HIPAA compliant fax services and products support your entire staff now, and into the future.

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How Faxcore Can Help

FaxCore’s HIPAA compliant fax services provide a few key benefits just for organizations in the healthcare industry:

An array of solutions and configurations

to meet any critical communication needs. FaxCore has partnered with some of the biggest names in the IT industry to create a one-stop-shop — from on-premises options to cloud-based managed solutions, we have it all.

Secure transmission of sensitive health care data

supporting privacy, industry compliance and overall data protection.

Secure email services using TLS and Office 365

simplifies the sending and receiving of faxes.

Fax tracking

of both incoming and outgoing faxes provides a record of confirmation, time of delivery, undeliverable notifications, alternate fax numbers, transmission replays, and more.

Automatic archiving

of incoming faxes, which can be securely accessed from any web browser.

Searchable access

allowing authorized users to search the archive of stored documents and find the document they’re looking for via any web browser.

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