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Hosted Fax Services

Advanced Fax Server Solutions for the Unified Communications Industry

FaxCore is perfectly designed for providing a cloud-based fax service.  

Browser-Based Interface

Easily manage fax via any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

E-mail to Fax and Fax to Email

Manage faxes with ease and speed of email.

Client Print Driver & MFP Integrations

Fax enable any organization with your print driver and Multi-Function Printer integrations.

Segmentation of Different Subscribers

Our multi-tenant setup allows for the creation of unique ‘domains’ which allow for easy segmentation.

Set Up Tailored to Your Needs

Own the platform & host it in your datacenter using your Telco.


Faxcore can provide the platform & you have your own 'partition' to provide a fax service.

Can be privately labeled and customized to your theme. 

World-Class Security

Hosted in Azure data centers with highest possible security makes for secure faxing you can rely on.

Flexible Billing Plans

Billing plans to fit your specific needs with robust reporting tools.

Get Started within a Few Days

Easy setup and training with qualified support can get you up and running quickly.

Leading the move to faxing in the cloud

Moving customers to a cloud-based phone service means that many are left wondering how they keep their fax number in service.  

FaxCore has been the solution for over a decade.  Build a recurring revenue stream and solve the problem with a reliable, and secure, cloud based fax service. 

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Faxcore's Advanced Solutions

The conversion from on-premise phone systems to cloud-based phone services, such as Microsoft Teams, Mitel  logistics industry, this level of innovation can bring considerable advantages, including:

  • Number porting in North America and many other International countries. 
  • Secure email-to-fax with Office 365 with TLS 1.3 between FaxCore and a customer’s O365. 
  • No more busy signals, ever.  FaxCore can receive thousands of calls into a single fax number, simultaneously.  
Telcos such as T-Mobile have been using Faxcore to provide a hosted fax service for decades. You get the best fax platform and it can be privately labeled so it appears to be your fax service, not a competitors. 

FaxCore’s state-of-the-art fax server application is a multi-tenant solution that has a rich feature set.


  • Robust integration with key technological applications including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Confirmed confirmations of when the fax was delivered and received.  You don’t get that confirmation with email. 
  • Audit trails, robust reporting tools and fax archiving for satisfying regulatory requirements related to health care compliance.  
  • Advanced file encryption for faxes stored ‘at rest’ for PCI and HIPAA compliance. 

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