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FaxCore App for Epic allows healthcare professionals to send and receive faxes to an EMR at their fingertips, without leaving the Epic ecosystem. Data and documents can be delivered securely with our HIPAA compliant fax server.

How It Works:

FaxCore App for Epic allows users to fax directly from Epic.  Fax delivery utilizes Epic Print Services and Outbound Fax web service to deliver to the intended recipient.  FaxCore will relay the fax status back to Epic, eliminating the need for the user to switch applications. 

How Faxcore App for EPIC Benefits You:

Secure Transmission of Sensitive Data

End-to-end encryption allows secured data transfer between Epic and Faxcore ensuring total security measures at the highest level. 

Minimal Configurations
Start faxing from Epic in no time with a simple and easy set up. 
Automatic Archiving

Archiving of all incoming faxes, which can be securely accessed from any modern web browser.

Searchable Access

Allow authorized users to search the archive of stored documents and find the document they’re looking for via any web modern browser.

Fast Fax Management
With FaxCore’s web user panel, users can look up faxes, of both incoming and outgoing faxes provides a record of confirmation, time of delivery, undeliverable notifications, alternate fax numbers, transmission replays, and more.
Fax Directly from Epic

FaxCore app for Epic allows users to fax directly from the Epic ecosystem. Practically zero learning curve. Check EMR fax status directly in Epic. 

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