Cloud strategies are important to implement

There is little doubt by now that the cloud is the future. Cloud computing has created some incredible opportunities for organizations of all kinds, from businesses to schools and even government offices. It enables constant productivity thank to its universal accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection. Despite being in its relative infancy as far as public perception goes, cloud technology has already proven itself to be powerful and valuable for business fax needs.

"Experts believe this will be the year that organizations tap into the cloud for new business processes and insights that transform business models and industries in ways previously unimaginable," wrote Forbes contributor Susan Galer recently. "In fact, they say savvy companies need to view the cloud as far more valuable than a software delivery model."

But while organizations should definitely be investing in cloud fax service solutions, they cannot do so without a strategy in place, according to Campus Technology contributor David Raths. There have to be planning and conscious decisions made about what is going to be best for the company in question. Every business will embrace the cloud differently in 2015, and it will be important to examine just what that means for individual enterprises.

A variety of ways to get into the cloud
Cloud fax service adoption will look different in every office where it occurs. This is because companies, regardless of if they meet the same needs for their customers, all operate very differently on the interior. Some processes that require streamlining in one area of a certain business might be working perfectly fine as is in a different office.

One consideration that fits this bill is the fax machine. Faxing is still essential in many industries, but the frequency at which it occurs will shift dramatically from enterprise to enterprise. For those workplaces that send minimal transmissions, it might not be at the top of the list for modernization. Other companies may see any sort of upgrade as a worthy pursuit. 

An improvement comes in the form of cloud-based faxing. By getting rid of legacy fax machines and replacing them with software-defined elements, it is possible to have secure faxing capabilities from almost anywhere in the world. This transition to cloud fax services does not mean sacrificing the ability to receive traditional faxes, however, which means that there will be no lost capabilities after the switch.

The importance of the cloud
While there have been plenty of negative stigmas associated with the cloud, they are slowly beginning to fade away. As people find success with it in their personal lives, they are more willing to work with it in professional settings. This comes with the understanding that there are many different ways to embrace cloud technology, and what might be right for a competitor is not always effective for its rivals. Cloud will be essential in 2015, but even more critical will be a strategy and a specific idea of how the cloud will be leveraged.

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