Email fax helps organizations keep costs down

Email fax services can help enterprises and other organizations reduce costs and become more agile in one fell swoop. As enterprise IT portfolios expand, businesses can feel that it is imperative to procure new equipment. Without proper hardware, how can they expect to benefit from emerging technologies and innovations? While this approach stems from a place of wanting to maintain a competitive advantage, purchasing processes can quickly spiral out of control.

Asset lifecycles shorten, upgrades arrive more rapidly and a piece of hardware is soon replaced by an iteration claiming improvements across the board. Companies can soon find themselves mired in a highly expensive, resource-intensive game of eternal catch up.

Conversely, some organizations aim to stem the technological tide and reduce hardware footprints by eliminating certain processes that require specific equipment. This is all well and good until the company realizes that it actually needs the operation a piece of hardware provides, even if it it's only every so often. The work and resources involved in providing a last-minute contingency plan can eclipse much of the value gained by eliminating an asset in the first place. Organizations don't want to – and shouldn't have to – sacrifice the breadth of their capabilities on account of how many gadgets and gizmos they need to make them work.

Email fax: Best of both worlds
Such is the case with fax machine, and why FaxCore's email fax solutions provide an optimal middle ground for two competing paradigm shifts. While many organizations may no longer rely on faxing equipment for daily information sustenance, they are still essential to healthcare organizations, financial services, law firms and a variety of other industries. However, these organizations may balk at the idea of having to keep a fax machine in the office, taking up space, power and materials that could be better allocated to something else. Basically, businesses want to be able to fax documents, but eliminate the expenditures that come with it, according to BIT contributor Anthony Caruana. 

Using fax to email systems, organizations have been able to retain the capability to fax but eliminate its equipment-related costs. Instead, they can send enterprise faxes through the cloud, using a protected network connection to transmit files through one of FaxCore’s managed servers to the recipient. Because all the equipment is hosted offsite by FaxCore, and the email fax is delivered as part of an infrastructure-as-a-service package, organizations are able to stop spending on fax equipment and divert resources elsewhere.

The benefits add up
Decreased hardware procurement costs only represent a fraction of the spending-related benefits an email fax service provides. Asset management goes hand in hand with hardware lifecycle issues. Bigger equipment costs mean that companies have to spend more on dedicated IT staff to update software and attend to malfunctioning machines. FaxCore manages the email fax platform and the assets involved so that the organization doesn't have to.

Another long-term benefit of a managed email fax service is that it eliminates costs that stem from rolling out new IT projects too quickly, which was something four out of five IT professionals experienced, according to a recent Trustwave survey. Premature deployments lead to a variety of security and interoperability issues, which become significant unplanned costs down the road. A managed email fax solution can be deployed quickly and painlessly, providing results without complications.