Top 4 reasons to move your faxing needs to the cloud

The cloud is one of those technologies that completely revolutionizes how companies conduct business. The flexibility and usefulness of corporate fax solutions spans multiple industries, increasing productivity and efficiency just about everywhere it goes.

Faxing, thought by many to be old and outdated, has received a revamping within a cloud-based environment. Fax over IP, which allows you to fax from the Internet, is an amazing tool that enables companies reliant on faxing to branch out and expand their communicative abilities. 

With that said, let's take a look at the top four reasons behind why you should bring your faxing needs to the cloud:

1. Track your fax with ease

Is there anything more annoying than sending out a message and not getting a response? You wait for days on end, hoping the person is just taking their sweet time formulating their response. Perhaps the only way to make this situation worse is to realize the message never went through in the first place. 

This is the kind of incident that can be easily avoided with a cloud-based FoIP solution. This mode of document transfer has a built-in tracking mechanism, that will tell you when the message was sent, when it was received and if it couldn't be delivered for whatever reason. This information allows you to increase the efficiency of your message sending, making the process a lot more stress-free. 

2. Save correspondence for later

One of the biggest problems with fax is the mode in which messages are displayed to the end user. Paper is flimsy, cheap and generally doesn't last long. Even when it does, it certainly isn't easy to search through. Regardless of how organized your company is, finding just the right paper document is going to waste time and money. 

Legacy fax systems require you to go through piles of paper to find the one you're looking for. Do you really want to sift through all that paperwork?

This is yet another benefit of a cloud-based FoIP system. Incoming faxes sent through FoIP are instantly archived, placed away for later review. This is great news for organizations that need to constantly go back and review client correspondence, as they no longer have to rely on easily destroyed paper to store vitally important information. 

But that's not all FoIP can do when it comes to archiving. When a document is stored in the FoIP cloud, it can be retrieved through a search function that allows you to quickly find the exact message you're looking for. Fewer paper cuts, more productivity. 

"No one likes change."

3. Your customers don't need to change a thing

No one likes change. For proof of that, just look at the fact that more than 10 percent of people are still using Windows XP as their desktop operating system. People like using the technology that they're familiar with, and this is especially true within the business world. Your clients don't want to have to deal with any major changes in your mode of communication, and yet you still need to innovate.

Once again, FoIP is here to save the day. When you begin implementing a FoIP solution, you'll quickly realize that nothing has changed on your client's side. In fact, you can even keep your own legacy fax machine and continue to use it. You'll receive all the added bonuses of a cloud-based fax environment, without having to give a list of new procedures to your customers. 

4. Access from anywhere

The biggest problem with legacy fax systems is the fact that you need to physically be in the same room as the machine if you want to send or receive a message. Although this system may have worked fine in past years, this simply isn't the case anymore. Not only do people expect convenience in their document transfer, they're also beginning to work outside the office. discovered that around 20 to 25 percent of the employed population work from home "at some frequency." What's more, teleworking has increased 103 percent since 2005, showing just how rapidly this trend is growing. Modern technology allows people to work from wherever they so choose. However, relying on legacy fax machines to correspond with customers or business partners forces these people to stay in the office. 

Working from home has been shown to increase employee morale as well as retention rates without seeing a noticeable change in productivity habits. As such, any company wishing to implement a remote working policy should absolutely look into FoIP. Unlike legacy fax systems, FoIP allows workers to access messages wherever they are, enabling employees to stay productive anywhere and everywhere.

These are obviously only a few of the benefits to take your faxing needs to a cloud-based environment. FoIP is an incredible technology that is allowing businesses to communicate in a way that legacy faxing just can't. 

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