How online fax keeps healthcare data out of the black market

Hackers are always after patient medical data. The Ponemon Institute's recent survey on patient privacy and information security in the healthcare sector recently highlighted how difficult it is to safeguard data – and how in demand medical information really is.

"On the black market, health information is more valuable than credit or debit card information," said Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute, according to FOX Business.

Because electronic medical records include so much specific patient data – height, weight, eye color, etc. – hackers can easily use them to create fake identities. The amount of medical information that institutions must oversee and share with other organizations leaves many weak points in healthcare information systems – vulnerabilities cybercriminals know exist and will continue to exploit.

Traditional fax machines are one source of less-than-adequate cybersecurity protection for patient medical data. They're from an era in which such omnipresent and advanced threats to healthcare information protection simply didn't exist. As medical organization struggle to improve the holistic security of their networks, these fax machines are glaring source of vulnerabilities.

FaxCore's online fax services offer a cloud-based alternative that provides heightened protection against today's toughest threats. Better backup, secure faxing of documents online, enhanced network monitoring tactics, and data safe n transit all ensure that medical records are impervious to hackers’ best efforts.

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