Online fax services critical to supply chain efficiency, security

Online fax services are vital tools in today's supply chains.

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Online fax services are vital tools in today's supply chain security. As supply chains grow larger, with stakeholders in many different locations, the need for efficiency and security is paramount. Any process delays or vulnerabilities can have significant ramifications for supply chain performance, and ultimately the bottom line. This is especially true for the transportation and logistics arm of the chain, as operatives require accurate documents to direct them to where they're going, gain clearance or adjust routes on the fly. FaxCore's online fax services provide this critical level of support for today's most complicated supply chain challenges.

Traditional fax machines don't run quickly. When bulk information needs to be sent or must traverse a long distance to reach recipients, waiting for files to arrive can be a serious time drain. As contributor Frank Russo observed, improving communications beyond the traditional paper-based approach is key to revitalizing the supply chain in response to the challenges of globalized networks and security.

"The manual paper methods of the past can't compete in today's global environment," Russo wrote. "An Internet-based e-sourcing system can be accessed from anywhere and is inseparably connected with quick, easy, thorough research of new suppliers and the successful set-up of a strong supplier base."

Security is also an important issue in today's supply chains. The advanced threat landscape and growing compliance concerns make it imperative that all communication adheres to the strictest safeguards and protocols. A supply chain cannot risk the possibility that information could be intercepted, altered or otherwise exploited while in transit. Both virtual and physical risks can create business continuity problems, wrote Fleet Owner contributor Sean Kilcarr – confusion stemming from unplanned events, such as adverse weather, can quickly result in compromise or physical theft.

FaxCore's online fax services improve both supply chain efficiency and security. They cut down the amount of time it takes to send faxes, ensuring that they reach the right recipient on time. They also adhere to all industry compliance regulations and provide protection for all information in transit.

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with a proven FoIP solution from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their 'Partly-Cloudy' fax solutions.

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