How cloud-based fax benefits enterprise collaboration

Enterprise collaboration is in a process of transition. While interactions between businesses and even within organizations were mostly governed by what one side needed from another, more companies recognize the success that comes from reaching out to partners and engaging them. Analysts in many industries have touted collaboration as a key to continued business development, especially in the Internet and social media age.

The influx of mobile devices, collaboration apps and the cloud into the enterprise give workers the tools they need to improve their collaborative potential. FaxCore's cloud-based fax solutions are a key part of a system that supports meaningful engagement as a means of organizational improvement.

The cloud serves as the technological basis for the new communication generation, wrote Computerworld contributor Nancy Gohring. As a platform built on connectivity and mobility, it's no surprise that many organizations are using it to better interface with business partners, improve document sharing and leverage collaborative applications.

"A common thread among these really highly disruptive vendors is they're always born in the cloud," Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Research analyst, told Computerworld. "They're not retrofitting something to the cloud. They are very easy to access and start using, even on an individual basis and certainly by a small team."

FaxCore's cloud-based fax enterprise collaboration services are part of this new ecosystem. Because FaxCore's history is in the cloud, it did not have to be converted from a legacy system to become cloud-friendly. These types of cloud-centric enterprise collaboration solutions enable users to hit the ground running, which is key to building immediate awareness of its collaborative potential.

One of the other benefits of FaxCore’s collaborative enterprise solutions is that it easily integrates with other cloud- and Internet-based communications technologies. Ease of ensuring compatibility between different technologies and applications is key to establishing a well-rounded collaborative system, wrote FierceEnterpriseCommunications contributor Scott Fulton. With a full spectrum of resources to draw on for interactions, organizations can foster more meaningful relationships with its business partners.

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