Why insurance firms need FaxCore’s Internet fax solutions

Many insurance firms are having a difficult time adjusting to the realities of life in the digital age, but FaxCore's Internet fax solutions can help them adapt.

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Many insurance firms are having a difficult time adjusting to the realities of life in the digital age. It's not hard to see why – the insurance cybersecurity and information protection factors that permeate virtually every aspect of their operations are like nothing they've had to grapple with before. Hackers continue to find new ways to disrupt digital systems. Because they need to have so much financial and healthcare information on hand, insurance firms are constantly at a high risk of an insurance cybersecurity attack.

In order to keep important records secure in transit, remain productive and stave off today's most persistent threats, insurance firms need advanced information management technologies. FaxCore’s Internet fax solutions can be used as insurance management software and respond to today’s challenges by helping insurance firms improve three key aspects of insurance document management:  

  1. Compliance: Perhaps no other factor has had more of an impact on the way that insurance firms have to oversee their information sharing systems than compliance. As compliance expert Paul Koziarz pointed out in a recent interview with Help Net Security, compliance establishes information security as a mission-critical business concern. Insurance firms grapple with a number of compliance standards, and FaxCore's Internet fax solutions can help satisfy their ever-changing requirements.
  2. Cybersecurity: Information protection concerns go beyond compliance. Insurance firms need to pay more attention to data breach risks and develop a comprehensive risk management approach, asserted InsideCounsel contributor Steven Blonder. This means any piece of equipment or software that could be exploited needs to be updated with today's advanced persistent threats in mind. FaxCore's Internet fax solutions provide the level of oversight, backup and continuity measures that can keep firms secure.
  3. Productivity: Dealing with security issues compounds already hectic insurance firm environments. With so many documents flying between departments and outside partners, the chances for miscommunication, misplaced records and conflicting reports are high. FaxCore's Internet fax solutions offer insurance firms a more centralized platform for their faxing needs, providing efficiency gains and decreasing the possibility of error in the process.

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with proven FoIP insurance management solutions from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their 'Partly-Cloudy' fax solutions.

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