3 benefits of FoIP that go beyond security

Just about everyone has head about FoIP's increased security, but what else can the technology do?

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As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their hacking techniques, organizations in every industry have had to increase the amount of security surrounding document transfer. Many companies have chosen Fax over IP to handle this, as the computer based fax technology is known to be as secure as legacy fax systems.

However, FoIP is so much more than security. The benefits of FoIP boast multiple advantages for the modern business, which is why Davidson Consulting predicted the computer-based fax market to hit $455 million by 2017. But what are the benefits of FoIP, and how can administrators use them to their full potential? Let’s find out:

“Paper records don’t hold a candle to their digital cousins.”

1. Never lose an important fax again

Paper records may have worked for thousands of years, but they don’t hold a candle to their digital cousins. One of the main disadvantages of working with a legacy fax machine is the fact that the documents coming out of it are printed on one of the flimsiest materials known to man.

Paper faxes can be torn, crumpled or just plain lost in a massive influx of incoming messages. The problem with this is that faxes are only used these days for the most important materials, such as patient records or legal forms, because the technology is considered more secure than other options. Losing these kinds of documents – or even having them fall into the wrong hands – simply isn’t an option, which is why so many administrators are moving toward FoIP.

FoIP helps to ensure the delivery of important messages by tracking every incoming and outgoing fax, giving the time of delivery if the document goes through and an undeliverable alert if it doesn’t. What’s more, FoIP from FaxCore also utilizes an automatic archiving system. Fax archiving stores all incoming faxes in one location for later review, while also allowing administrators to use a search function to find the exact document they’re looking for. Never again will company officials have to waste time looking for a fax that was improperly filed.

2. Increased mobility

With the technology used to power mobile devices becoming cheaper and more advanced. more workers than ever before have the power of the Internet sitting in their pocket. Smartphones are great for enabling employees to get work done on the go. In fact, Gartner has estimated that 40 percent of large businesses in the U.S. have allowed staff members to use personal devices for work purposes.

With this massive migration to a more mobile work environment, legacy fax machines have once again become an annoyance. Workers must be present in the office to respond to these messages, rather than being able to do so at lunch or on the train into work, thereby decreasing productivity. FoIP solves this problem by allowing any device with an Internet connection the opportunity to read incoming documents anywhere in the world.

Smartphones have allowed the workplace to be a lot more mobile. Modern employees get work done wherever they can.

3. Nothing changes for your clients

One of the biggest problems about implementing new technology is that no one likes change. This is especially true for outside clients, who generally just have to deal with the changes made by their partners. This is yet another reason why FoIP is such an amazing innovation. This technology doesn’t require customers to change anything about how they send or receive faxes, which means implementing a FoIP solution won’t rock the boat or cause any major client-side problems during the transition.

Of course, all of these benefits and more are piled on top of the heightened security that FoIP can provide for businesses. FoIP is truly one of the best ways to securely and efficiently transfer documents, and organizations looking to do so should consider investing in this amazing technology.

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with a proven FoIP solution from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their ‘Partly-Cloudy’ fax solutions.

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