3 benefits of FoIP you might not know about

Do you know all the benefits of FoIP?

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Although many people view faxing as a dead technology, newer developments into fax over IP have allowed for a resurgence of this mode of communication. With benefits ranging from meeting compliance standards to heavy security, it's no wonder that the computer-based fax market is expected to be worth $455 million by 2017

While many people know what faxing is, few know about FoIP's full potential. Given the many capabilities of this communication medium, this simply isn't acceptable. So, to spread the good news about this amazing technology, we've taken some time to write up three benefits of FoIP you might not know about:

1. Automatic archiving

When it comes to business conversations, remembering a message exactly as it was written can be vitally important. Sadly, recalling all of this information simply isn't possible. You've got a job to do, and memorizing every scrap of communication between your company and your customers isn't a part of it.

This is where FoIP's automatic archiving comes in. FaxCore's innovative technology keeps constant track of the documents your office receives and sends, putting them away for later review. This is great not only for keeping up customer relationships, but also for when things get ugly. 

Although no one likes to think about it, sometimes companies are wrongfully sued. If and when this ugly scenario occurs, you're going to need documented proof of exactly what you said during communications with this person. The automatic archiving system on FaxCore's FoIP system is perfect for showing the exact words you used within a document. 

2. No complex software required

Many times, the problem companies have with integrating revolutionary technology is how complicated it is. People don't like change, and this is especially true in the workplace. Your employees are used to doing things a certain way, and having to bring in new software only serves to complicate the office. 

Avoid the new-software headache and get FoIP.Your employees won't like having to learn new software.

Thankfully, FoIP from FaxCore offers no such complications. This FoIP system is designed specifically to avoid the use of new and confusing software. In fact, employees only need access to a Web browser in order to receive documents. These records can be viewed as a PDF, JPEG or even as a GIF. This allows your company to integrate a new form of communication without any headaches. 

3. Document tracking

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, FoIP works wonders at tracking important documents. While email is certainly quick and convenient, it doesn't work so well in terms of making sure an important message reaches its destination.

People receive so many emails these days that it can be incredibly easy to lose one. The white noise of the business world can drown out a single message, halting communications in the process. The worst part of this is that no one is immune. Even Hillary Clinton has lost emails in the past. Email simply isn't a good way of making sure an important client received a message. 

"FoIP is here to save the day."

Once again, IP-based faxing is here to save the day. This mode of communication tracks documents from the beginning of its journey to the end. Secure electronic faxing is fantastic for messages that absolutely need to be reviewed, as FaxCore’s FoIP system will notify you if the message cannot be received. The best part of all of this is that IP-based faxing can even trace incoming messages, allowing you to have a firm grasp on the communication going in and coming out of your business. 

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with a proven FoIP solution from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their 'Partly-Cloudy' fax solutions.

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