Cloud solutions in schools enhanced with FoIP

Schools implementing a cloud solution can experience even more benefits by deploying a fax-over-IP system as part of their infrastructure.

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One of the unfortunate truths about new technology is that cost frequently prohibits those that would benefit the most from accessing it. This is a commonly cited problem among public schools, where small budgets make it difficult to justify splurging on fancy new gadgets. Luckily for those districts dealing with tight purse strings, one of today's biggest tech trends can actually help to cut costs and free up room in the budget for other essential things.

Schools across the country have started implementing cloud computing and are experiencing a variety of advantages from it. Teachers are able to access a wider array of materials for their classrooms and provide more interactive lesson plans, while students can collaborate with one another more easily and receive more individual attention.

"The cloud makes computing functions simpler and reduces districts' budget burdens."

But perhaps the most important benefits of these cloud solutions for schools are those that are realized by school administrators and IT professionals. These cloud education solutions makes a number of computing functions simpler and take a large burden off of districts in terms of budget.

  • Flexibility: One of the cloud's biggest assets is its ability to meet each individual organization's needs. Unlike with other computing infrastructures, cloud servers can be purchased as needed and schools can pay as they go, adding or subtracting capacity as necessary.
  • Cost: Partly because of the scalable nature of the technology, cloud computing is a highly cost-effective cloud solution for schools. However, the cloud also reduces costs by eliminating the need for additional hardware during setup and decreasing the amount of maintenance necessary to operate. Licensing fees and system upgrades are also done away with as cloud service providers make those available to users at no additional cost.
  • Accessibility: The cloud makes it possible for administrators to access the necessary files and services without compromising the security and privacy of sensitive data like student records or district financial information.
Schools can benefit from additional cloud-based services.Schools can benefit from additional cloud-based services.

Take cloud computing to the next level with FoIP
Schools implementing cloud education solutions can experience even more benefits by deploying a fax-over-IP system as part of their infrastructure. FoIP services are used mainly for communication, but since they are based in the cloud they can also be used to archive documents sent and received, increasing mobility, security and collaboration. 

FoIP is more convenient to use than a traditional fax solution, as documents can be delivered to an email address or any cloud-enabled printer. Information sent over a cloud-based fax system is encrypted while in motion and can't be as easily hacked like other online communication channels. Student and teacher records can be kept securely in the cloud and sent to those in need of the information over a secure channel. FoIP service providers like FaxCore maintain dedicated servers for each client so organizations don't have to spend the financial and human resources on managing their own network connections. 

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with a proven FoIP solution from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their 'Partly-Cloudy' fax solutions.

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