Heartbleed bug shines light on importance of document security

The extent of the damage caused by the now-infamous Heartbleed security bug seems to be growing exponentially every day. The worst piece of new information may be this: skilled hackers can create dummy websites that mimic credible ones, using the bug to get consumers to unwittingly share valuable personal information.

"Imagine if we found out all at once that all the doors everybody uses are all vulnerable," explained Jason Healy, a cybersecurity scholar at the Atlantic Council. "The kinds of bad things it enables is largely limited only by the imagination of the bad guys."

All of this spells trouble for companies sending and storing sensitive documents. According to The Guardian, 72 percent of businesses that experience a major data breach shut down within two years of the attack.

The best way to safeguard your company against a data breach is to prevent cyber attacks from occurring from the start by recognizing the importance of document security. Using more secure methods to transfer sensitive information and documents is a great first step.

FaxCore's cloud-based faxing ensures your documents are more secure because they are not stored on any one single server. FaxCore also uses back-end support and encryption, putting an end to virtually any vulnerability a hacker could use to steal your information.

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