How can you increase productivity in your company?

Could your company be more productive?
High levels of productivity are absolutely essential to any business. 

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How can you increase productivity? Productivity is the cornerstone of any organization’s success. Ensuring that employees are doing the most amount of work they can while putting in the least amount of effort ensures your organization can stay relevant in the rapidly shifting world of modern business. Sadly, many institutions just aren’t getting enough out of their workers and are in need of some work productivity hacks.

That said, this doesn’t mean companies lacking in productivity can’t lend a helping hand to their employees. In fact, there are a lot of ways that business leaders can increase efficiency and employee productivity within the office. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to increase productivity in your workplace.

Rethink the importance of those meetings

Meetings are absolutely essential to ensuring everyone knows exactly what they should be doing. Getting together for a face-to-face – or even phone-based – discussion allows vital team members to collaborate and share ideas about a particular project or problem, ensuring that customers get the best solution possible.

“Many meetings are completely pointless.”

However, all meetings were not created equal. In fact, many of these sessions are completely pointless and could have been relegated to a simple memo. An infographic from Visually and Fuze actually stated that these kinds of meetings end up wasting around $37 billion every single year. The reason this number is so high is twofold:

First, there are quite a lot of meetings going on every day. The same infographic found that there are around 25 million meetings on a daily basis just in America alone. Second, when an employee is sitting in a meeting she isn’t getting anything useful out of, she’s still being paid. If a worker makes $20 an hour, an hour-long meeting of her staring out the window is $20 right in the trash can. Thankfully, CEO of analytics company VoloMetrix, Ryan Fuller, has a pretty simple solution to this problem:

“Add up the total number of hours that you and your team spend in meetings every week, and then aim to reduce that time by 10 percent or 20 percent,” said Fuller. “It forces you to really think about which meetings you could cut out altogether.”

Consider a BYOD policy

Another great way to improve employee productivity is to allow employees to use their own tech for work-related purposes. This trend is called bring your own device, and it’s completely changing how many businesses operate. BYOD has major cost-saving benefits, as organizations no longer have to worry about upgrading their own hardware as often as they used to. However, a surprising advantage is the fact that workers are actually a lot more productive when relying on personally owned devices.

BYOD is a big trend right now. Letting workers rely on their own devices has many advantages.

A study conducted by the Internet Business Solutions Group, a subsection of Cisco, found that American workers saved, on average, around 81 minutes a week by using their own gadgets for work purposes. Three years of utilizing a BYOD policy would translate to 5.25 extra work days. That’s quite a lot more time to be productive by simply changing what kinds of devices workers rely on.

The reason for this massive bump has a lot to do with how consumers view the tech they personally buy. To begin, people very often upgrade on a regular basis, meaning a BYOD policy will allow the company to leverage new technology without having to pay for it. On top of this, workers are used to their own devices, and giving them the ability to use this tech in the office takes out any sort of learning curve or confusion in using computers they aren’t used to.

Implement a FoIP solution if you rely on legacy fax systems

Finally, if your company relies on legacy fax machines for secure document transfer, switching to a Fax over IP solution is one of the best ways your organization can increase employee productivity. Old fax systems are incredibly slow, and their reliance on paper means finding an older record is going to take quite a lot of time. FoIP, on the other hand, enables workers to send and receive faxes right from their computer or smartphone. What’s more, these systems have automatic archiving, which means employees can search a digital treasure trove of documents to find the exact information they’re looking for in an efficient manner.

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