How FaxCore’s cloud-based faxing solves thorny UC issues

Cloud-based faxing enables organizations to take their unified communications investment to the next level.

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Cloud-based faxing enables organizations to take their unified communications investment to the next level. The popularity of UC and cloud communications have skyrocketed in recent years as companies recognize the efficient and cost-effective gains to be found by leaving legacy telephony behind. However, like any far-reaching tech transformation, information security and usability issues can quickly derail adoption and lower ROI for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, the implementation of a single facet of unified communications – like Voice over Internet Protocol – doesn’t comprehensively address the full spectrum of today’s data management and collaboration requirements. To take advantage of this game-changing technological platform, companies need to target their information exchange services with the same rigor they use to evaluate communication protocols. Let’s take a look at three of the top thorns in the side of UC – and how FaxCore’s cloud-based fax solutions can alleviate the pain.

1. Actually unifying UC in a meaningful way: For some organizations, UC is somewhat of a misnomer – simply implementing VoIP isn’t itself a silver bullet to all of today’s most pressing communications issues. Speed isn’t everything, and more rapid communication potential that risks a drop in quality can hurt organizations more than it may help. Workplace collaboration and real-time information exchange are both critical to enhancing a company’s operations activity, especially in far-flung supply chains and sectors such as healthcare that depend on unassailable communication across distant locales.

For organizations in those positions, accelerating communications can actually risk leaving business partners and collaborators in the dust, according to CIOL. A digitally savvy stakeholder of the supply chain who has switched over to VoIP may have more problems communicating with a member that still adheres to legacy telephony. If the same VoIP-using organization still utilizes traditional fax machines and information exchanges to transmit information, complications can escalate. The simple path to a true unified communications effort is through the deployment of services that all function the same way, making cloud-based faxing a clear complement to VoIP and other cloud services.

2. Providing information security to match today’s threats: Cloud faxing is essential for alleviating information security and data management issues that put virtually every organization at risk. Recent data breaches at a slew of retailers, higher learning institutions and financial services providers highlight the complexity of keeping all internal data and client information safe from harm. Denial of service attacks, advanced malware and other cyberthreats demand constant supervision and protection.

Security needs to be a foremost consideration in enterprise communications systems. Without adequate protocols in place, data in transit becomes vulnerable to hacker interception. A cloud-based faxing service can provide safeguards for information exchanges far exceeding those of traditional fax systems. They also offer enhanced protection for information transfers, providing an alternative to email when paper communication is vital. Cloud-based faxing solutions also offer measures such as encryption, access management and real-time archival that keep data sufficiently protected and backed up.

3. Increasing productivity across the board: A study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that the average knowledge worker spends about 73 days a year crafting, examining and responding to emails. Communication is vital to every organization, and encouraging employees to speed through their interactions can have unintended negative consequences. The only way to make office communications more productive is to give personnel better tools.

Cloud-based faxing offers efficiency and productivity gains above that of traditional information exchange services. It helps fulfill the promise of unified communications by giving employees one platform from which to launch all of their interactions. This allows personnel to reduce workstation clutter and reach other stakeholders more reliably, decreasing time lost to mishaps and mix-ups. When paired with a VoIP service, FaxCore’s cloud-based faxing offers organizations the fastest, most adaptable communications platform available for optimal productivity.

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