Implementing a FoIP solution for data loss prevention

These days, it seems like there is always news of another company being hit by a data breach and having sensitive information stolen. With all the unsettling information, it can seem like the risk of cyberattacks is being blown out of proportion, but a new report discovered that, sadly, that’s not the case.

A recent report by research firm ABI has found that attacks directed at enterprises have increased in number and sophistication over the past decade, to a point where suffering a data breach is nearly inevitable. According to the study, the leading cause of cyberattacks is still hacking, followed closely by malware.

Many well-known companies have suffered high-profile data breaches in recent months, including Target, eBay, Facebook and AT&T, leading to a growing concern over the security of enterprise information and cyberthreats. According to the ABI report, more than 800 million records were compromised during data breaches last year. Suffering a cyberattack can cause a company to lose millions in revenue and do irreparable damage to a brand’s reputation in relationship to customer loyalty and spending habits. Because of this, organizations are increasingly investing in solutions to prevent data loss, so much so that ABI estimates the market will grow to $1.7 billion by the end of this year.

“If implemented carefully, DLP solutions can mitigate data loss risks, comply with government regulations, and protect customer privacy,” said Monolina Sen, ABI Research’s senior analyst in cybersecurity, in a statement.

Fight against data loss with a FoIP solution
A simple and reliable way to implement a data loss prevention solution is to utilize fax-over-IP services. FoIP allows messages and faxes to be sent securely over the Internet and creates an encrypted, cloud-based archive of all transmitted documents to ensure file safety. When a fax is sent with a FoIP service provider like FaxCore, its contents are scanned and stored in an organization’s dedicated server and encrypted. After it is sent, the message’s recipient receives a decryption key, allowing them to read the fax.

Once on the server, a document can stay for as long as a company wishes to leave it there, creating a searchable database of enterprise information. FoIP services allow companies not only to share documents more quickly and easily, but create a more secure form of business communication.

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