Top 3 reasons to implement a FoIP cloud storage solution

When thinking about the cloud, most businesses don't consider fax, but it would be a mistake to skip over the modern version of this traditional technology.

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As companies continue to realize the advantages to implementing cloud solutions, many organizations are looking for a way to implement cloud computing that will offer multiple benefits through one streamlined service. When thinking about the cloud, most businesses don’t consider fax, but it would be a mistake to skip over the modern version of this traditional technology. Cloud-based fax, or fax-over-IP, utilizes the Internet to send messages and the cloud to store information. When a document is sent with FoIP, the contents within the fax are encrypted and saved on an organization’s dedicated cloud server for as long as the company wishes. While storing documents in the cloud with FoIP has many benefits, the top three benefits of cloud storage for business below.

1) Cost-effective:
Using FoIP as a cloud storage solution for business dramatically reduces the cost of backing up data and storing information on physical devices. The equipment required to do manual backups can be very expensive and is extremely time consuming, increasing labor costs as well as those for hardware. The maintenance on those storage devices can also increase costs, as well as require IT staff to take time away from more mission-critical projects.

Storing information in the cloud with FoIP eliminates the need for physical hardware to store information, reducing the costs of buying and maintaining this equipment and the price of labor for maintenance and upgrades. Third-party cloud service providers take care of these things, allowing IT departments to get back to the things that really matter and money to be spent on more important things.

2) Mobility:
With information stored in the cloud, companies are able to give employees access to information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Business doesn’t stop just because someone is on the go, and with FoIP and the cloud, it doesn’t have to. Because documents are stored in the cloud, encrypted faxes can be sent with FoIP while on the go, allowing work to continue wherever it needs to.

Collaboration, innovation and productivity are also increased when cloud storage is implemented. Employees can more easily share information through the cloud, making it simpler to get feedback and make edits to projects. The less complex it is to share and collaborate, the easier it is to get work done and create concrete results.

3) Security:
The protection of privileged enterprise information is a growing concern for companies, and with cloud storage this security is greatly increased. Most organizations do not list cybersecurity as a core competency, but cloud storage providers are only concerned about the protection of their clients’ information. The cloud also eliminates the possibility of a physical device containing sensitive data being lost or stolen and can be used to create duplicate copies of important files in case of a power outage or disaster. Messages sent with a FoIP provider like FaxCore are encrypted when they are stored in the cloud, adding another layer of security to provide companies with peace of mind.

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