Make the most out of disaster recovery solutions with FoIP

Companies interested in utilizing the cloud for disaster recovery should consider implementing a fax-over-IP solution to aid in the transition.

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With the rapidly increasing amount of information businesses handle everyday, it's more important than ever to make sure data is stored safely and backup copies are available should anything happen. Keeping files on tapes or external hard drives is no longer an option, as the vast amount of data would be too great to contain in such a way. To handle the backup of so much information, companies are beginning to turn to disaster recovery services.

At one time, these backup operations were quite costly. A separate but identical site was needed to house duplicate data that had to be stocked with its own set of equipment. Information was replicated and stored in the second site in the event of a disaster, but the backup system almost always ran idle, sucking up money and time.

In need of a better way, companies are now looking to the cloud for disaster recovery services. A recent study conducted by Forrester Research and backed by Microsoft discovered that businesses are driven to the cloud to back up their files because of the growth of data, a need for information to be constantly available and increased organizational agility. Finding these benefits with the cloud, the Forrester study discovered that 15 percent of companies are now hosting their backup and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud, a figure that has doubled from 2013. Other advantages of implementing cloud disaster recovery is the ability to conduct backups more frequently, the absence of a storage limit, increased redundancy and seamless management.

Utilize cloud disaster recovery with FoIP
Companies interested in utilizing the cloud for disaster recovery should consider implementing an IP fax solution to aid in the transition. FoIP services use the Internet to send faxes and store transmitted information in the cloud. IP fax providers assign organizations dedicated servers that store messages that have been sent and received through their FoIP service. This creates an encrypted, searchable archive of records that can be kept for as long as necessary and can serve as a backup database should the physical paper copies or original digital files be damaged or lost. Traditional fax machines can be retrofitted to become FoIP-capable and work with an office's existing Internet connection, making FoIP the simplest way to employ the cloud for disaster recovery.

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