Avoid landline crunch with fax over IP

Fax over IP services can help businesses adjust to a landline-free communications system.

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The days of the landline are numbered. As more consumers do away with landlines, opting for all mobile and Internet-based communication, businesses may eventually figure out how to leave behind the communications mode that has existed for more than a century for an alternative. In order to avoid any issues stemming from the switch, organizations need to be proactive about securing solutions that offer the same breadth of service without depending on landlines to connect. Fax over IP protocol is part of this next-generation telecommunications service package. A company can use fax over IP to become more efficient today and prepare for changes on the horizon.

While it will be more complicated for businesses to extricate themselves from landline-based communications than it would be for a single user, several post-landline movements have already begun in earnest. After the destruction waged by Hurricane Sandy on the eastern seaboard in Fall 2012 knocked out miles of copper wire, Verizon announced that it planned to move residents in the affected areas of New Jersey and New York to a fiber optic Internet phone system, according to Motherboard. Conflict over proposed forced switches continues to rage in several other parts of the country, including California. Other efforts around the globe are moving on from landlines even faster – businesses and residents in 15 towns in Australia will lose access to copper landlines in favor of broadband and IP-based connectivity in late May, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Whether a business wants to upgrade to Internet-based communications to phase out its landline dependency or prepare for a telecom-driven disappearance, fax over IP services can help it take build a more efficient, secure network. Not only can faxes sent via Internet connections arrive at their destinations much faster, their existence in the cloud makes it easier for organizations to back up critical information, track faxes in transit and ensure that information reaches its intended recipient. Modes of communication are changing. Fax over IP protocol can help a business adapt to changes proactively before a switch becomes inevitable.

FaxCore's FoIP solutions have helped companies build better Internet-based faxing environments since 2006. Its eight years of experience – and support even before the landline began to disappear – can help your company navigate changing telecommunications environments.

Enhance enterprise communication, collaboration and compliance efforts with a proven FoIP solution from FaxCore. Contact FaxCore today to learn more about their 'Partly-Cloudy' fax solutions.

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