Assure compliance with FaxCore’s fax services

Compliance is a hot-button issue in any industry that transmits confidential information. Recent high profile data breaches in healthcare, financial services and education organizations have shed more light on the complicated cybersecurity and data governance framework with which today's companies and consumers must contend. Compliance standards are becoming increasingly prominent as a means of fostering better information security and upping the accountability for businesses involved in a breach. In the face of so much complexity, organizations need to be able to rely on comprehensive solutions for information exchange. FaxCore’s HIPAA & PCI compliant online fax services provide the necessary means of assuring compliance with the most important industry standards.

Data breaches are growing in prevalence, scope and business impact. Healthcare and financial services, as the organizations that store the largest amounts of people's most sensitive information, have a constant target on their backs. For these companies, successful threats to information security are almost inevitable – around 90 percent of healthcare organizations have already experienced or will fall victim to a data breach, according to Forbes. Because the threat of breaches is so high, regulators also come down on hardest on firms in these industries. 

Companies need to take care to ensure that any information they exchange is safeguarded from today's advanced threats. Traditional fax machines are part of a system of legacy technologies that were not created with today's strict compliance standards and cybersecurity defense needs in mind. Hackers know that hardware that isn't up to snuff is much more susceptible to compromise. If a data breach should occur, outdated fax machines could become a serious problem come audit time.

FaxCore's fax services come equipped with technologies that enable organizations to comply with Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, Payment Card Industry and other vital standards. Additionally, as ComputerWeekly contributor David Lacey noted, compliance is only part of a healthy security system. FaxCore's solutions provide a secure, backed-up and easily managed means to transmit important faxes. Sensitive information sending practices are not only HIPAA & PCI compliant, but truly insulated from nefarious threats.