Fax from the Internet optimizes healthcare sector communications

FaxCore's fax from the Internet services help healthcare organizations adjust to new IT requirements.

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The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major digital transformation. While it offers potential benefits for more efficient, preventative healthcare, the digitization of the medical sector has encountered numerous hiccups. Chief among them are doctors' struggles to assimilate to the electronic health records system.

It's a multi-layered problem: Traditional record-keeping and communications systems in the industry aren't particularly tech savvy, while the healthcare sector contends with more information governance and confidentiality measures than any other sector. In the effort to rapidly ramp up their IT abilities, many medical professionals have faltered. It's imperative for them to invest in solutions that alleviate filing and communications problems while maintaining compliance and cybersecurity protection. FaxCore's fax from the Internet services can help healthcare organizations achieve these goals. 

A snowballing problem
Healthcare professionals are stuck. They don't want to risk noncompliance and threaten patient safety, but they also don't want to be vulnerable or unproductive while adjusting to new technologies. BizTechMagazine contributor Juan Pablo Segura compared the industry's issues to a tiramisu cake – it requires an incredibly careful "folding" process of the new technology into the current inpatient EHR system.

"There are few industries fraught with more regulation and innovation roadblocks than healthcare," wrote Segura. "Visit any hospital and you'll find medical devices unable to talk to one another or doctors making uninformed recommendations based on faulty or incomplete data."

Fax over the Internet offers machine-to-machine communication that is integral to the continued development and safety of healthcare communication systems. By adopting FaxCore's cloud technologies, healthcare providers can increase data integrity, establish better management processes and make it easier to send and receive important files.

Fax from the Internet: A smart hybrid
Many medical professionals struggle with attaining "meaningful use" of EHRs. According to a November 2013 survey conducted by IDC Health Insights, 58 percent of healthcare providers were dissatisfied with or felt neutral about EHRs in their organization. This lackluster assessment stems from a combination of factors: While financiers and office professionals have quickly embraced phenomena such as bring your own device and remote working, doctors and nurses are generally more tech-averse and are largely unable to quickly establish a natural use of new gadgets. They don't want to waste time learning new IT tools that could be otherwise devoted to patient care.

Healthcare professionals depend on faxes to share records and communicate with other service providers. A fax over the Internet solution offers precisely the kind of hybrid approach needed to establish meaningful use of new technologies in healthcare environments. Instead of relying on outdated and sluggish fax machines to transmit information, doctors and nurses can use a cloud solution to ensure that information gets to where it needs to be, quickly and in a secure fashion.

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