Boost business continuity planning with FaxCore’s online fax services

FaxCore's online fax services provide companies with the tools they need to cope with the realities of the modern business landscape.

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FaxCore's online fax services provide companies with the tools they need to cope with the realities of the modern enterprise landscape. Threats to business continuity are more advanced, prevalent and nefarious than ever before, yet many organizations continue to address information security and contingency planning with outdated tools. Continuing to rely on hardware that can easily break down and has no clear or easy method of backing up can restrict the effectiveness of a business continuity plan.

Fax machines are a good example of equipment that just doesn't jell with the types of business continuity plans today's companies need to have. Sending and receiving faxes is a mission-critical activity for organizations in many industries, including financial services, healthcare and insurance. The inability to exchange important information in a secure and reliable way during a time of need can cause productivity, profitability and reputation problems. Yet many companies continue to put off upgrading their operations. Risk only increases over time, wrote Forbes contributor Pragati Verma – companies need to recalibrate their business continuity strategies today. 

"Several companies mistake disaster recovery (DR) for BC and merely create plans to pick up the pieces after a serious crisis," Verma wrote. "That's not enough. Your BC plan needs to identify potential threats and their impact on business operations. Then you can figure out preventive and reactive ways to reduce risk to an acceptable level."

The current fax machine operation – dependent upon the health of a single and difficult to move piece of equipment to send confidential information across landlines and blind spots – leaves much to be desired. What happens if the machine breaks down, or an unplanned event prohibits employees from accessing the office where it is located? FaxCore's online fax services are a vital asset to avoiding these potential continuity issues.

Additionally, FaxCore's software-as-a-service solutions have additional advantages over a hardware-centric approach. ITWeb recently highlighted the benefits of SaaS, which involve less service interruption, better information redundancy and overall performance benefits beyond traditional technologies. FaxCore's SaaS and online fax services provide the tools organizations need to develop a proactive business continuity plan.

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