How Internet fax services foster stronger supply chains

Internet fax services are critical components of a supply chain management approach that responds to today's most pressing demands.

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Internet fax services are critical components of a strong supply chain management approach that responds to today's most pressing demands. E-commerce adds new wrinkles to globalized supply chains, and it's crucial that companies have the tools to keep their production, logistics and transportation divisions functioning smoothly. Without effective communications and faxing tools, companies run the risk that far-flung operatives are unable to get the information they need in a timely manner. Internet fax services, such as those that FaxCore offers, offer a better model for exchanging information and ensuring up-to-date documentation for even the most sprawling supply chains.

Enterprises are increasingly investing in services and programs that centralize aspects of their supply chains. Recent events like the Target data breach, which was caused by hackers entering Target's network through a third-party supplier, emphasize the importance of overseeing the information governance and network management capabilities of all supply chain stakeholders. Additionally, the use of tools that exist in silos is an increasingly incongruous approach to managing interconnected supply chains. If a company is unable to communicate reliably with its shipping arm, for example, it could cause backup in inventory management and customer fulfillment.

Organizations have turned to increasingly complex tools in order to consolidate their supply chain management. Enterprise resource planning software, for example, helps companies manage financial planning and other functions, according to Forbes contributor Robert Bowman. However, these systems are less adept at providing the end-to-end visibility that supply chains need. Investment in high profile tools such as ERP software can help ward off supply chain problems, but ERP adoption is not a silver bullet. Documents can still exist in blind spots when transported, be delivered slowly to recipients or be accessed by unauthorized agents. Faxing over the internet provides secure, compliant, and efficient delivery of important invoices and bills that meet the end-to-end requirements of today's sprawling supply chains.

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