Internet fax solutions from FaxCore respond to today’s unified communications reality

FaxCore's Internet fax solutions address the growing popularity of unified communications - and the rise of a workforce for whom UC will be the norm.

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The people have spoken: Unified communications will be the norm in the years to come. The enhanced flexibility and security that unified communications solutions, which include Internet fax, mobile devices and IP telephony, can offer over traditional modes are making them more sensible enterprise tools. The workforce is also becoming increasingly tech-centric, especially as more millennials enter office environments. Digital tools come second nature to millennials; soon, non-wireless communication and traditional fax machines will be foreign to them. Internet fax solutions help businesses keep up with the times as well as cater to today's tech-savvy worker.

According to a recent survey by Evolve IP, 84 percent of organizations are considering deploying unified communications. While adoption is still limited to fewer than 4 out of every 10 companies with less than 2,000 employees, the idea of a centralized way to manage phone, fax, email, video and messaging capabilities is increasingly attractive to organizations wrestling with the costs and concerns of a sprawling communications system. FaxCore's Internet fax solutions and services have a proven record of painless integration with some of the most widely-used VoIP services, allowing businesses concerned about the logistics of unified communications implementation to rest easy.

Also driving unified communications adoption over the next few years is a changing paradigm. The rising millennial workforce is used to having one device from which they can make calls, send messages, check email and even print documents. This mobile worker is primed for a unified communications system, wrote Business 2 Community contributor Katerina Roemer. It makes sense to invest in workplace tools that emulate the seamlessness and interconnectivity of the mobile devices which are never far from a millennial's fingertips.

FaxCore's Internet fax solutions provide a digital, cloud-based way for these workers to send documents according to their personal preferences. They also offer security and compliance protection that can help ensure document integrity. For many millennials, security is an afterthought. It's important to be realistic about the digital workforce and play to its strengths. 

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